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Are you doing what you love, what you are meant to do?

Do you have time for You?

Are you able to find freedom from stress and anxiety?

Do you have the work/life balance that is right for you?


Or is the drama of life ruling you?  And would you like to change that?


Through equine assisted coaching, we will partner with horses and donkeys to help You rediscover You and create a life you love!

Horses/Donkeys are wonderful teachers, and can help you tap into your heart, your inner essence.  As prey animals, horses/donkeys are very aware of and sensitive to everything and everyone around them.  By mirroring your body language and your thoughts and feelings, they will help you become aware of any fears, drama, stresses, limiting beliefs, rules and conditioning from your past that may be holding you back.  They will also help you become aware of what is right for you!

The horses/donkeys will not judge; they will become your friend and guide you on YOUR journey.  Through a self-discovery process, the horses/donkeys will help you release the past and re-write your story.  You will learn to be present and love yourself, find inner peace and personal growth, re-discover your authentic self and create your path for today and the future.



Full and Half Day Workshops focusing on specific areas of growth provide structured opportunities to share and learn with others.

Personal Growth Sessions

A series of 1-2 hour personal sessions focusing on your personal journey.  Offered individually or in packages.

Personal Intensives

Full or Half Day intensive sessions focusing on your personal journey.


Sessions are held at:

Holyland Donkey Haven Inc.

W2082 Mueller Ln

Mt. Calvary, WI  53057



25% of fees are donated to support the donkeys.