Reiki and Animals:  A Partnership


Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead

Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow

Just walk beside me and be my friend


This quote by Albert Camus captures the essence of the beautiful relationship we can have with animals; they are our partner, they are our friend and they have so much wisdom to share with us to help us learn and grow.  I have found that traditional Japanese Reiki practices can guide us in nurturing strong connections with animals.


What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a meditative practice from Japan that was created by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.    The word (Rei = Spirit; Ki = Energy) can be translated as spiritual energy or universal energy.  This is the energy that is all around us, that everything on the earth is made of.  Einstein referred to this energy as E=MC2.   The system of Reiki provides us tools – precepts, breathing techniques, healing sessions, symbols & mantras, attunements - to help keep the energy around us free and flowing.


At its core, Reiki is a personal practice.  Reiki can guide us on a journey to remember our true self, find our inner light and find inner peace.  Reiki can help us to personally relax, quiet our minds, live in the present, and create a space of balance, harmony and peace first to support our own healing and then to support the healing of other humans and animals.


Why is Reiki a Personal Practice? I Just Want to Learn How to Offer Reiki to Animals

The drama of life.  Our lives tend to rule us.  The expectations, fears, worries, frustrations and even illnesses and injuries we experience can cause on-going stress and overwhelm.  This not only affects the balance of our life, but it also affects our animals. 


We often forget that our animals are very sensitive; they easily pick up on and react to our feelings and emotions and to the environment around us.  Oftentimes, the undesirable behaviors (e.g. fear, separation anxiety, chewing, growling, biting) that we want to fix may be a reaction to the stress and drama of the animal’s environment.  Even if the true trigger of the animal’s behavior is something from his past, they do not need for us to bring more stress to them just when we are trying to help them.  Practicing Reiki can help you create a space of calm and balance for You, Your Animals and Your Life.


Remember:  The Animals Are Our Partners on this Reiki Journey

Remember to allow the animals to walk beside you and be your friend.  Remember to open your eyes and your heart and become aware of what the animals are trying to teach you.  The animals actually help us during a Reiki meditation; they will help us to relax, quiet our minds, be present and find that space of balance, harmony and peace.  Think about how just being around an animal can release our stress and make us happier!


What a beautiful circle of interconnectedness we can create with Reiki and Animals!  As we are creating a space within us to help the animals, the animals are actually teaching us just how to do it!


What a powerful connection – you, your animals, your life!   And Reiki helps us on this journey!