Are you responsible for caring for someone who is unable to care for him/herself?

·         Your elderly parents?

·         A family member with a disability or illness?

·         A family member who is a veteran?

·         You work in a profession caring for others, such as nursing, assisted living,
home care, hospice?

·         You work with homeless or sick animals, such as rescue and shelter volunteer or
a veterinarian?

The role of caregiver can be challenging and often overwhelming for many people.  You may experience a variety of emotions such as fear, worry and guilt.  You may often wonder if you are doing what is right for everyone concerned.  At times, you may feel completely burned out and unable to continue.  Many people in the role of caregiver become engulfed with their role, and “forget” to care for themselves.

Through Equine Assisted Coaching, we will partner with horses and donkeys to guide you on a path of self-discovery to help you:

·         Find freedom from the stress, anxiety, fears and guilt

·         Set boundaries and regain the right balance for you

·         Find and take care of yourself

·         Feel relaxed and rested

·         Find satisfaction and happiness for you and those you care for


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